Racing Ahead

What better incentive to save...

... by collecting rewards on the way!

2018 Applications Now Closed!

2018 Applications Now Closed. Sign up to Racing Ahead to receive the following discounts:

  • G&P Ticket + racecard to the QIPCO 1000 Guineas for £20
  • £20 G&P Ticket + racecard to the Moet & Chandon July Festival
  • 2 x G&P Tickets + racecard to the Cambridgeshire Meeting for £20
  • 2 x G&P tickets to Dubai Future Champions (free)
  • £8 G&P tickets for the Final Meeting
  • Plus your free Money Saving Tin*
To redeem offers, you will be sent an email on specific dates listed in the Race Ahead Schedule

2018 Applications Now Closed

Racing Ahead

What is it?

This is the perfect way to save your money and put it towards fantastic days out at Newmarket Racecourses with special ‘Saving Rates’ applicable to all of the 5 ticketing deals that will be available to you throughout the year. With Racing Ahead, you will receive a programme which will help you save with a timetable of weeks with the required deposit amounts. *Money saving tin available for the first 250 sign-ups.


The Process

All that is required is a £2 weekly contribution, saved in the comfort of your own environment with your Newmarket Racecourses Money Saving Tin, which will ensure you create many memories at The Home Of Horseracing. You can then use your saving to purchase tickets to Newmarket Racecourses. In addition you will receive an email which will contain exclusive special offers (see schedule). Terms and conditions for individual special offers will be available on date of release. We have put together a handy timeline and guide so that you can keep on top of your saving and receive rewards on the way. See Schedule *Money saving tin available for the first 250 sign-ups.

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