Damian Adams

Executive Chef

Here's a little background and some great cooking tips from our top chef at the Rowley Mile.

About Damian in his own words

Food has always been my passion. Starting the work ethic as a young nipper (15 years old) as a kitchen wash up…. It didn’t take me long to work alongside the chef’s and start learning and creating. My enthusiasm for food led me onto college and since then I have worked at a variety of establishments including pubs, hotels, restaurants, holiday parks and sporting venues from the UK to Australia.

I strive to achieve success through target food costs, high standards of food and happy team morale. It is important to me that creativity and standards of food are always being challenged. I have always had a fire in my belly about food, more so now than ever.

About the catering at Newmarket Racecourses

The autumn season is upon us and lots of innovative and creative thinking has gone into the menus. It is not just the dish but the thought behind the creation that makes a dish taste great. Traditional dish elements have been complemented with modern twists to create exciting and recognisable cuisine. We feel passionate about using the local farming industry as well as local businesses to produce high quality food. Damian Adams the Head Chef spends a lot of time at local farm shops and enjoys trying out dishes on family and friends. He also has a passion for eating out in local restaurants, which is a good gauge on the level we need to achieve as a minimum for the race season.

We are continually assessing our offers around the racecourses to see where we can make changes this season to help enhance the customer experience.


Our Head Chef Damian has put this easy to follow recipe together for you to try at home with family or friends. 

Hot smoked salmon and asparagus

Hot smoked salmon 240 grams (this can be found in most leading supermarkets)

2 x medium size eggs (I prefer to use Burford browns)

I x bunch asparagus (English if in season)

½ cucumber

1 bag of mixed baby leaf salad


Caper dressing

50ml olive oil

25grams caper berries

1 table spoon of white wine vinegar

1 tea spoon of Dijon mustard

Salt and pepper to taste



Cut hot smoked salmon into four even size pieces

Soft boil the eggs for four minutes in boiling water, then refresh in cold running water then peel and set to one side

Blanch the asparagus in salted boiling water then refresh in ice cold water immediately to retain the bright green colour and a crisp bite

Peel the cucumber to remove the outer skin then using a peeler work around the outside to create ribbons, until you reach the seeds, throw the seeds away

Wash the baby leaf to remove grit and bugs, drain well and pat dry

For the dressing, add all ingredients to a food blender or mixing bowl and mix, if you want a smother dressing blend for longer

To serve

Place the washed leaf in the bowl.  Follow this with the asparagus spears then place the cucumber ribbons on top.   Gently rest the piece of salmon on top of the cucumber and half a soft boiled egg.  Drizzle some of the dressing around the outside.  Feel free to garnish with a soft herb of your choice as you may find it hard to source the micro herbs that I use, I would recommend chervil, although I have seen micro chives and pea shoots on sale in two leading supermarkets. Bon Appetite

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