Frequently Asked Questions

Live Music Events

When do you send out tickets for a live music events?
Tickets for all events are posted out 2-3 weeks before the event is due to take place, unless e-tickets are chosen.
Are children allowed to attend?
​Yes, whilst Newmarket Nights are more suited to adults, children are welcome to attend. We encourage families to attend our Summer Saturday Live concerts.
Who is eligible for a Child Ticket?
There are limited young persons' admission tickets available for Newmarket Nights and Summer Saturday's Live which are available on a first come first served basis. They are priced individually according to enclosure and band or artiste. A maximum of 2 child tickets per adult are allowed. Children's tickets MUST be booked at the same time as booking adult tickets (unless the purchaser is an Annual Badge Holder or Newmarket Racehorse Trainer). Additional children will be charged at the normal adult ticket rates. 
How much are Child Tickets?
​Prices vary by event. To find out more please contact 0344 579 3010
How do I get Child Tickets
​Child Tickets are available on a very limited, fist come - first served basis and can only be purchased over the phone or online. When Child Tickets are sold out, children can only gain admission with an Adult Ticket.
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