Frequently Asked Questions

Live Music Events

When do you send out tickets for a live music events?

Tickets for all events are posted out 2-3 weeks before the event is due to take place, unless e-tickets are chosen, which should be printed before you arrive at the venue.

Where is the stage located

The stage is located in the Premier Enclosure. Once racing has finished the gates between the three enclosures (Premier, Grandstand & Paddock and Family Enclosures) are removed and the majority of guests choose to go to the Premier enclosure to stand and watch the concert. This area can become very lively and congested and no longer an alcohol free zone.  This area is a strictly standing only, if you prefer a more relaxed environment there is the option of standing in Grandstand & Paddock enclosure, or viewing from a large screen in the family enclosure.

Is it appropriate to take my child to a Newmarket Nights event?

We take every precaution to try and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at our events.  We welcome families but advise that this is a largescale, crowded evening event where alcohol is served.  We would therefore advise against taking children into the most densely crowded areas, which includes the large area in front of the stage.  There are less crowded areas near the running rail and in the stands either side of the stage.  Although viewing may be restricted in these areas we have invested in large screens so that you will still be able to see the action on stage.

We would not recommend bringing young children and babies due to the level of sound.  If you do wish to attend with a young child or baby we suggest you keep an appropriate distance from the speakers and crowded areas.

Our Summer Saturdays and Summer Saturday Live Events are more suitable for families with young children.. 

Do Children need a ticket?

For Music nights children 5 years and over must have a ticket.  Children under 5 are free of charge. There are a limited number of young persons’ admission tickets available for Adnams Newmarket Nights and Summer Saturday’s Live which are available on a first come first served basis. Children aged 5 to 15 can apply for a reduced priced entry ticket and accompanying wristband. However, these are only available when purchasing a full priced adult ticket, with a maximum of two children per adult (18+). Once the allocation has been reached, full ticket prices apply. They are priced individually according to enclosure and band or artist. Enclosure access for children will coincide with the accompanying adult’s admission badge. Any person aged 16 and above will need to purchase a full priced entry ticket. You must be 18+ to escort anyone under 16.

Can I bring a picnic?

You are welcome to bring your own Picnic to enjoy in the racecourse car parks or in the Family Enclosure (capacity permitting). Alcohol can only be brought in with a substantial picnic and it is limited to one bottle of wine or champagne per person or 4 cans of beer, cider or pre-mixed aperitif. Unfortunately spirits, fortified wines and Pimm's or similar will not be allowed onto the racecourse. You are not allowed to bring food or drink into the Premier or Grandstand & Paddock Enclosure.   

What time does the music start and finish?

The approximate timings for the concert are 8.30pm – 10pm but please note these timings are different for each race night and will depend on the time that the last races is run. If there is a delay with racing this will mean the concert has a slightly later start time. Please visit the relevant event page on the website for exact timings.

How do I avoid delays leaving the course?

Careful consideration and planning is put into the traffic management for those arriving and leaving the racecourse.  That said, there is a considerable volume of traffic leaving the racecourse immediately after the end of the artist’s set.  We understand this can be difficult, particularly if you have tired children.  If you wish to avoid delays leaving the course we suggest you stand closest to your exit towards the end of the artist’s set and then leave 10 – 15 minutes before the last song is played. For those wishing to stay after the concert select bars will remain open for up to half an hour after the concert finishes.

Are there areas undercover in the event of adverse weather?

It is very rare that an event will be cancelled due to the weather.  The only partially-covered areas within the stage viewing area are those in the stands either side of the stage.  These areas have some restricted viewing of the stage but we have invested in large screens so you do not miss the action on stage.  Please note during adverse weather these stands will be popular and have restricted capacity.  In the events of adverse weather we suggest you move to this area during racing to ensure you secure a place for you and your family in advance of the concert.  Please note the stands have a roof but are still open to the elements and so do not provide complete protection.  We advise you dress appropriately but in accordance with the dress code.  During unfortunate weather forecasts, wellies and umbrellas are permitted however we do ask that you refrain from using umbrellas during the concert which restricts other customers viewing.

Can I bring a chair with me?

You are able to take chairs into the family enclosure, but for the Grandstand and Paddock and Premier areas you will need to have applied in advance to obtain a letter of authorisation from the racecourse office. Please call 01638 675500 option 4 for further information.

Can I guarantee a good view of the stage?

To guarantee a good view of the stage, you can either stake your position early, or we offer ticket upgrades to a Prime Viewing Platform, which is a raised platform with a private bar, directly opposite the stage. Please call 01638 675500 option 4 for further information.

What facilities do you have for disabled racegoers?

Please view our venue access document here

What restrictions are there in terms of items that can be brought in to the venue? Can I bring a bag with me?

We ask that you do not bring unnecessary bags or luggage into the racecourse.  Bags larger than 40cm x 35cm x 19cm will not be allowed into the venue. Follow the relevant link below to see which Items not permitted into the Racecourse

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