Newmarket Racecourses Betting Guide

Novices guide to betting on horseracing with bet365, official betting partner for the Moët & Chandon July Festival

A day out at the races with friends and family can be a fantastic outing and picking out a couple of winners could make your trip even more enjoyable.How do I pick a winner?

There are many reasons people may pick their horses, but there is no sure-fire way of choosing a winner. Some people will study the form and details of trainer, jockey and course; whilst some will pick their favourite number, colour or name. The best advice is to gamble responsibly and know your limits.

The Odds

More often than not, the odds will be displayed as fractions in the UK for Horse Racing. It shows what you will win and what you need to stake to win that amount.

For example, a horse at 4/1 will win you £4 for every £1 staked. So, if you bet £2 at 4/1 and the horse wins you will get a return of £10 in total; £2 initial stake and £8 winnings.

Betting Options

Win Only bet – This is just one bet on which horse will finish first. If it finishes first, you win money, if it doesn’t, you don’t (like in the example shown above).

Each Way bet – This bet is actually two bets. If you place an Each Way (often displayed as e/w or E/W) bet, you have one bet on your horse to finish first and another on the horse to finish in the places. The places can be first two (1-2), first three (1-2-3) first four (1-2-3-4) or more, depending on the number of runners and the type of race. If it says 1-2-3 next to the race, it would mean that you get paid on this part of the bet if the horse finishes first, second or third. A £2 Each Way bet costs £4 to put on - £2 on each part of the bet.

Example from the Racecard

The below example shows what you can expect to find on your racecard including the name of the horse, trainer and jockey, the horse’s number and form. 

The Number

The first number is the number of the horse in the race. This is the number that you will see on the horse’s saddle cloth throughout the race. The second number (shown in brackets) refers to the number of the stall that the horse is in, also known as the draw.


Beneath or next to the horse’s name you will be able to see the trainer and jockey’s names. You may notice that a trainer or jockey is having a good day and pay closer attention to this information for the rest of the day.

Form – in the example 436779

The number applies to the finishing position of the horse in its previous races (with the most recent race last in the sequence). A dash (-) indicates a new season and a slash (/) would indicate the horse missed at least one season between races. A 0 means the horse was not in the top nine in that particular race.


A typical distance might be 1m 3f. This means that the race is one mile and three furlongs. There are eight furlongs in a mile and each furlong is 220 yards.

Going – for example, Good to Soft

This describes the conditions for the horse underfoot. Some horses will cope with the conditions on the day better than others. In the UK and Ireland the going ranges from hard - firm - good to firm - good - good to soft - soft - heavy.

SP – Starting Price

SP is an abbreviation for starting price which is frequently used at the races. It refers to the price that the horse is at the start of the race.

How to place your Horse Racing bet at bet365

With bet365, you can place your bets on your phone so you can spend even more time socialising and less time queueing.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3,(4,5,6!)

  1. Go to on your mobile (or download our app)
  2. Tap the Racing icon
  3. Tap on your chosen race. These are listed by name of racecourse and start time (Races that are about to start will appear near the top of the page)
  4. Tap on your chosen horse
  5. Enter your stake
  6. Tap Place Bet

If you’re not already a member of bet365, you’ll need to sign up first. Simply tap ‘Join’ at the top of the screen and follow the instructions. We offer a wide range of payment methods so it’s easy to get up and running.

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