Newmarket Nights Dress Code

What can I wear to Newmarket Nights?

Newmarket Nights are full of great entertainment, featuring international superstars in music performing for all guests. The dress code differs for certain areas at Newmarket, so we have clarified what the specific dress codes are in each area.

Premier Enclosure

Smart clothing is encouraged if you’re attending the Premier Enclosure. Gentlemen often wear dark or smart trousers with a smart shirt and formal shoes to fit the bill. The best way to describe the dress code for the Premier Enclosure would be to dress as if you’re going to a smart wedding where a suit is not obligatory. Trainers, t-shirts, fancy dress and sportswear are NOT acceptable attire in the Premier Enclosure.

Grandstand and Paddock/Family Enclosure

In this area the dress code is more relaxed. Racegoers who are in this enclosure can choose to wear t-shirts and shorts to enjoy the sun and horseracing. The only restrictions are t-shirts with inappropriate prints and being bare-chested.  

Fancy dress

Only allowed in the Grandstand & Paddock and Garden Enclosure across all days at Newmarket Racecourses. Fancy dress is not permitted within the Premier Enclosure at any time. 


To ensure the view of the concert is not blocked for anyone, umbrellas are prohibited in inclement weather. However, if there is heavy rain during racing and you’re not under shelter, umbrellas are permitted. 


Please ensure you adhere to and understand the dress codes for the separate areas at Newmarket Racecourses and avoid the disappointment of being turned away at entry. Don’t miss a fabulous evening of racing plus music! See our Newmarket Nights line up.

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