The Newmarket Town Plate


The Newmarket Town Plate is a historic race which has been run here at Newmarket's Round Course since 1666. The race was instigated by King Charles II, who also won the first running. He stated that it should be run 'forever'.

The History of the Town Plate


2017 Newmarket Town Plate Result:

1st       Bivouac(FR)
          J: Tim Gredley
          T: James Owen
          O: Tim Gredley Investments Ltd.

2nd      All We Know
          J: Robert Stoneman
          T: Mrs S Gardner
          O: Mr S Byrne

3rd      Drivehomeregardles (IRE)
          J: Michael Mullineaux
          T: Michael Mullineaux
          O: Michael Mullineaux

4th      Don’t Be Fooled (IRE)
          J: Stephen Turner
          T: Derek Shaw
          O: Stephen Turner

Entries for the 2018 race will not be accepted until January 2018 at which point the entry forms will be made available here.

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